Horn of Africa: Millions Facing Drought and Famine

Governments and NGOs are
conducting food distributions in
affected areas

In what has evolved into becoming one of the worst famines in decades, it is estimated that more than 11 million people from Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia continue to face starvation as a result of prolonged drought. The problem is further compounded by insecurity fueled by armed militia groups including the Al-Shabaab from Somalia. Fears of abduction and ambush by relief agencies make it difficult for them to move deeper into remote places where assistance is critically needed.

Tragically, the famine was a pre-warned disaster. Many lives could have been saved and suffering reduced if the response had come sooner and investments made in disaster prevention rather than relief. Recognising this, Heads of State met in Nairobi for a Horn of Africa Summit 8-9 September on "ending drought emergencies: a commitment to sustainable solutions", with a view to reduce the impact of disaster in the region.

With funding from Samaritan Austria and Neighbour in Need, ACORD and its local partners are providing food relief and water to affected communities in Mandera and Marsabit in northern Kenya. We are hoping to scale up our emergency response to also include Ethiopia in the near future, while continuing to build capacities in community-managed disaster risk reduction and control.
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