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Mainstreaming AIDS Programme in East and Central Africa

" Embedding mainstreaming and intergration of HIV and AIDS in Oxfam livelihoods programmes an hard to reach communities in East and Central Africa"

The Mainstreaming AIDS programme in East and Central Africa (MAIN) is a joint programme between Oxfam, ACORD and Partners. MAIN will focus on addressing "the impacts of HIV and AIDS in hard to reach communities in Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The main programme is designed to contribute to two strategic objectives:
1.The rights of access of HIV prevention, AIDS treatment and care services are realised among Jard ti Reach Communities (HRC) in the target countries.
2.Improved livelihood opportunities reduce HIV transmission risks and mitigate the impacts of AIDS for those affected.

Approaches implemented to improve the project:-
1. Strenghting HIV and AIDS mainstreaning skills for Oxfam and ACORD Staff and  partners through training and peer support.
2. Establishing partnerships between Oxfam livelihoods programs, networks of people living with HIV (PLHA) and other AIDS focused organisation.
3.Supporting advocacy processes which will provide space for the HTR communities to raise their views in national and regional forums.
4.Reducing stigma and discrimination among HRC communities.
5. Strengthening learning and mainstreaming of HIV within livelihoods work through documenting and sharing lessoms and practices generated in the implementation process.  

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