Post 2015: The ACORD Press Communique in response to the High Level Panel's report on the Post 2015 Development Agenda has been released!


Following the May 30 release of the High Level Panel's long awaited report, ACORD has responded by first and foremost congratulating the report for its commitment to end rather than reduce poverty, and its recognition of the importance of environmental sustainability and peace in doing so.

 "The HLP report provides a strong foundation for the post-2015 process to produce a fundamental shift in how we approach international development, especially evident in a vision that encompasses poverty eradication, environmental sustainability and peace. We hope this ambition and commitment to change is replicated by UN member states as they seek to agree on the new framework" -Ousainou Ngum, Executive Director, ACORD

However, not all of the High Level Panel's report was met by satisfaction. Read more

ACORD Launches 3 Agricultural & Livestock Training Modules
As part of its efforts towards sustainable agriculture, ACORD has launched 3 agricultural & livestock training modules based on its work, research and study as well as its collaboration with several research institutions. Read More

Kenya Almost Reaches Gender Equality
In a historical first, President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has bestowed key ministries of Defence, Devolution and planning, Foreign affairs, Tourism, Land, Housing and urban development and Environment to women. ACORD Kenya has issued a press release deeming the appointment of 8 women out of 18 cabinet secretaries a promising move for Kenyan politics and a step forward in terms of gender equality. Read More

ACORD Helps Women of DRC Engage in Peacebuilding Process
As part of a regional initiative geared towards supporting women in active participation and engagement in the reconciliation process, ACORD together with its partners (ISIS-WICCE, EASSI, and Akina Mama wa Africa, among others) are planning a 3 day workshop on peacebuilding and negotiations skills. Read more

ACORD and CCFD-Terre Solidaire Launch Peace Programme
Having been partners since 1980 in 20 African countries, ACORD and CCFD-Terre Solidaire have now decided to support civil society in a sustainable manner by addressing issues such as joint natural resource management (land and water), identities (cultural, religious, and generational) and political governance (institutions, democracy and impartiality of the State) In this first edition of the ACORD-CCFD newsletter, discover how the Peace Programme is being implemented in Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan and South Sudan.    Read more

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