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Video is one of the most powerful advocacy tools available to engage citizens, organisations, decision makers, to bring about change.Watching a video and sharing it when you think it will make a difference is already making that difference. Inviting people you know to stop, watch, think and act upon their convictions is what this newsletter is about.
Advocacy is not just about videos and our website is full of information about our advocacy actions at local, national, Pan African and international level but in the world in which we live, the web is our best and fastest advocacy platform, and you are one of our key partners in bringing about change that way.Our videos are about people and issues affecting them. They trusted us enough to share their stories, our role is to put them in the development context and make their voices heard and taken into account; for that to happen we need a critical mass of socially engaged citizens mobilized around them and talking about those issues drawing from existing people-owned responses that could work even better and wider if fully and sustainably supported.
From now on these videos and others to come are yours and we wish to believe that with your support they will be watched by millions of people because tall oaks from little acorns grow…

Challenging & Healing Hidden war crimes (approx. 20min)
The protocol to the African charter on the rights of women says that the states undertake to protect women against violence, rape to ensure such acts are considered war crimes and that their perpetrators are brought to justice. Watch this film in English or French to learn more.

Farmers to Farmers message on CAADP(1min TV spot)
"This is not only the responsibility of the government, it is ours too. They have promised to allocate 10 per cent of the national budget to us, to agriculture. But has it changed our lives? How do we make it does?"Watch this educational TV spot in English or French

Community Voices for Peace (20 min)
The community social peace and recovery model is structured for peace-building and involves community-led negotiations based on dialogue, and focusing on conflict causes, peace, reconciliation and preventing future conflicts. To learn more, watch this film in English or French

'Stop the Stigma' (3-minute music video)
"Everywhere I try to go, they always push me away; my world is crumbling and I am dying, can't you see you are killing me slowly; is there anyone to hold my hand, give me a chance, stand by me; this is my life, this is my right, let me be"Listen to this song in English

Your feedback is highly important to us because it helps us produce films with a greater impact, email is good [email protected]/ but we welcome your thoughts and ideas on our Facebook (ACORD) and twitter (ACORDAfrica) pages. Thank you.

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