Newsletter, May 2012

  Worrying Socio-political Situation in Mali
The Touareg rebellion followed by the military coup of 22nd March have resulted into a complex humanitarian crisis in Mali. Thousands of people are fleeing from violent confrontations between rebels and military troops towards neighbouring countries. Read more and make a donation
  Reaching Communities in Uganda to Promote Clean Water Usage
"Thanks to Radio Muhabura, we now feel empowered to talk freely about water and sanitation. Previously, there were fears that exposing the challenges would be interpreted as criticising the government". Read more
  Commission on the Status of Women: Focus on Survivors of Sexual Violence
"There is need to help survivors of sexual violence to rebuild and transform their lives by putting them in the driving seat for change". Read more from the 56th CSW held in New York
  ACORD's Advocacy Tool Kit for Small-holder Farmers in Africa
english | french
  African Women's Land Rights Conference Report: The Right to Land and Justice for Women in Africa
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