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Thanks to global giving support Benita can now smile and hope

From the remote area of  Gisesero cell of Busogo sector in Musanze district, three months ago, Benita could not imagine herself going back to school, let alone her three siblings. Then one rainy day of September 2014, she received strange visitors from ACORD. 

At the age of 19, Benita is heading a family and abandoned school while in P5. Both parents died in 2011 and since she became responsible for her siblings. Other members of the family are UWINEZA 17 years old and abandoned school while in primary school in P4 , IRAKOZE Noëlla is 12 years old and goes to school  in P 4, MASABATO Emérence is 10 years old and goes to primary 2 , and SHEMA is 10 years old and attend the class in P 2.




When ACORD visited her family, Benita  was very sad and narrated how they survive without any  land to cultivate and  was almost crying while listing their immediate needs,  including the health insurance, school needs of uniforms, materials and fees, food stuff, house equipment and utensils. Benita said she would like to acquire a sewing machine for a source of income as she has a certificate of practice from VCT Busogo .

Today, her dreams are a reality: she received a sewing machine, the siblings no longer stay in bed when sick because they have a health card for one year, they are back to school and full of hope for the future. Benita is thankful for all the people who donate and made it happen.





Bosco can now stand proud and active in the community

When ACORD visited Bosco last week (see photo below in the market), He was a different young guy! He said “ I am now having my own stand and I have regained my dignity as a human being”.

At 17 years old, Bosco is the bread winner for his family. He abandoned school in primary four to cater for his siblings, when her mother died of AIDS in 2010. The siblings are MUHIRE Patrick,15  years old and HIV positive who abandoned school in primary five due to the lack of school requirements.  Then there is IRADUKUNDA , 11 years old now but who join the family   from the street 3 years ago. Nobody, not even himself know his parents or where he comes from. Nsabimana found him in the street, felt pity for a child like him and accepted him in the family. Iradukunda is now a pupil in primary three and God willing he will have a kind of life.

Now this family has no land but the 3 boys are reputed for their honesty, exemplary conduct, and ready to spend the night without any food (empty stomach) instead of stealing or being tempted to rob the neighbors.
Today, all their dreams are a reality, their immediate needs are fulfilled including the health insurance, school uniforms and materials, house utensils and equipment etc.. But above all, they wanted to start up a business in the local market of Byangabo, which, thanks to Global giving, it is now accomplished. Bosco is now working hard to sustain the business for the betterment of his family

Jeannine was lacking even a mug to drink water

When ACORD visited Jeannine’s family, one could note the lack of every basic tools in the family: no chairs, no saucepan, no mug etc.. The family was sad and unhappy. Now after receiving the global giving support, they hardly believe what happened to them.  They can now sit on a new bench and use the white mugs for a drink (see the photo below.

Let alone the joy to go back to school and join other pupils Jeannine  who is 15 years old, abandoned school while in P5 in order to take the responsibility of the family when their mother died in January 2014 after a long period of sickness.  She is assisted by MUKASHEMA Wiliba who is 13 years old and also abandoned school while in P5 . They live in Sahara cell of Busogo sector in Musanze district. The other family members are NGENDAHIMANA Vincent 18 years old and attending school in S 5 , and HAKIZIMANA Abel 16 years old at school in  S 3.  Then there is TUMUKUNDIRICYO Emerine who is 6 years old and a pupil in P1.
The two boys share the same father while the other three children were born later after the death of the father.

According to Jeannine, even if all their needs are not satisfied, at least they have a start up package. She said “tell them that we will not deceive, we will not go back in misery, we ask GOD Almighty to double your income and be able to donate to other children in the same situation”ACORD
The family is enjoying the health insurance, school uniforms, materials and fees, foodstuff, house equipment and utensils, small stock like a pig and agricultural tools such as hoes

Life will never be the same for Uwikunda Angelique

Like many young girls in the northern  rural community, who had no chance to go to school, Angelique was a victim of unwanted pregnancy and is responsible for hers two year daughter. They  lives in  Mburabuturo cell of Muko sector in Musanze district, she  heads a family of 3 people including the sister of 23 years old and her own child of two years. Her mother abandoned her when she was five years old and her father died in 2005 when she became a CHH. 

When ACORD visited Angelique  in September 2014, she told us how she survives from selling tomatoes, sugarcane and charcoal. Among her urgent needs, she cited the health insurance, school uniforms and fees for her sister to resume school, food, the rehabilitation of her house , but above all the extension of her small trade was a pressing need and a priority.
Today, thanks to Global giving, Angelique received the support and changed from selling dots of tomatoes and charcoal to acquiring bags and having a stock for like a week instead of a daily basis.

In conclusion

The project was completed as planned
This initiative reached 20 children head of households and their siblings in Rwanda totalizing 65 people. These children are orphaned, victims of  social and family break-down (child abandonment, teenage pregnancies)or have been abandoned by their surviving parent and the oldest are forced to work to put food on the table, protect and support the younger ones going to school and get medical care when they fall sick.

With your support, you changed their lives by  donating for 59 health insurance cards, 27 mattresses, 39 blankets, 258 pieces of house equipment and utensils, 40 benches, 50 school uniforms, 440 books, 112 pens, 700 kg of maize four, 240kg of beans, 20 kg of sosoma flour, 9 hoes, 6 pigs, 1 kit for masonry, 1 bicycle, 1 box of soap and 1 sewing machine. In addition, a set of raw materials for small businesses was provided to some children.

With Global Giving support, Children growing up in these households can now face extreme poverty and chronic food shortages, their siblings who dropped out of school have now got new school uniforms and materials and are back to school.
Thanks to this support, these Children are now engaged in a bright future, leaving behind the extreme poverty by enhancing their access to education, health services and proper shelter, increase their income and food security through helping them start income-generating and farming activities of their choice.

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