South Sudan: Sustainable Agricultural Practices

ACORD is implementing various livelihood programmes in South Sudan's Lobonok, Terekeka Central, Tombek and Muni Payams. The areas are characterised by fertile soils and good rainfall making it a good location for planting cassava, sorghum and ground nuts. In order to improve food security in the various Payams, ACORD has been supporting the establishment of farmer groups and strengthening existing ones. So far, 12 farmer groups comprising of 360 farmers in 3 Bomas of Nyarubanga, Kit and Karpeto in Lobonok Payam have been successfully formed and establishment of 3 additional groups is under way.

Some of the beneficiaries of these interventions include returnees from both Uganda and Kenya and the Internally Displaced Persons from Juba and Khartoum. While implementing projects, ACORD also builds capacity of farmers in agriculture policies, principles and practices, leadership, management and book keeping.

The idea behind this approach is to help provide technical advisory services to farmers' groups and to enable them manage their activities effectively and in a sustainable manner. In Tombek and Muni Payams, farmers have received agricultural inputs such as farming tools, varieties of sorghum seeds, cassava stalk and ground nuts. With funding from Mani Tese, ACORD has planned to increase cassava production and also set up cassava processing unit in Lobonok Payam.

Cattle Rustling in Terekeka

Terekeka is one of the counties in South Sudan which has been greatly affected by inter-communal violence since cattle rustling is culturally considered a means of earning a living and social status. Young people have in the past been at the centre of this practice. But thanks to ACORD's interventions, opportunities to earn a decent living are opening up. Young people are finding themselves in gainful employment and are getting incomes which enable them to access basic necessities.

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