Putting Aid Effectiveness in the Spotlight

"To attain development effectiveness, we need to ensure that our approach in relation to aid is driven by our mandate to bring about social justice and rights-based development through support to the development of social movements", this was emphasised by ACORD's team leader from Tanzania during the learning forum in Naivasha, Kenya . The forum was held in conjunction with the board and annual Assembly meetings on 7th October.

The theme of the forum was: "From aid effectiveness to development effectiveness: The role of civil society in ensuring democratic ownership for sustainable development and social justice".

Invited external participants included Africa Civil Society Platform on Principled Partnership (ACP), Community Development Research Association, The Open Forum for Development Effectiveness, the Uganda-based Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) and the International Society for Third Sector Research.

Documenting ACORD History

Also attending was renowned Professor Alan Fowler who is currently writing ACORD's history from 1975 to 2010. In a lead-up to the discussions, he presented highlights from his latest published book about civic-driven change. Lively debates ensued around fundamental issues on development and the role of NGOs like ACORD in the ever-changing context of global and aid relations and new challenges for Africa.

The learning forum is part of ACORD's governance model and is held every 3 years on a large scale (last in 2010) and annually on a more limited scale. The outcomes feed into ACORD's work. Read the report from last year`s learning forum on civil society's role in peacebuilding

Group photo: ACORD Assembly and participants in the mini-learning forum, 6-7 October 2011, Naivasha, Kenya

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