Pan-African forum on the Common Africa Position on post 2015 and Vision 2063

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ACORD welcomes the African Union's adoption of a Common African Position (CAP) on the post-2015 agenda as an opportunity to ensure African priorities are heard during the global discussions on a post-2015 development framework. ACORD appreciates the fact that the CAP is bold and ambitious, calling for a complete end to extreme poverty in all its forms and could galvanize the collective action needed to strike an ambitious global deal post-2015.

On 9 April 2014, ACORD hosted a pan-African forum in Dakar, Senegal discussing, "The Common Africa Position (CAP) on post 2015: What does it mean for Africa and the global post 2015 Framework?" The forum brought together participants from ACORD board and staff, African CSO partners including women and farmers, African government representatives, parliamentarians, businesses and members of the international development community.

The objectives of the forum, held in Dakar, were:

  1. to share firsthand the Common Africa Position (CAP), its road map, process, design and content;
  2. to understand the importance of the CAP for the African continent and its contribution to a global framework post 2015;
  3. to understand the process of developing goals, targets and indicators beyond the CAP narrative;
  4. to understand the national process after the African Union Assembly's adoption of the common Africa position and to determine entry points of influence by ACORD and other African CSOs;
  5. to understand and determine areas of influence of the CAP beyond Ndjamena, ahead of The UN General Assembly  2014; and
  6. to understand the African Union agenda 2063, and its links with the CAP, gaps and opportunities, especially for the African youth.

There was also a presentation on the links between Agenda 2063 and the CAP that drew out the gaps and opportunities, especially for the African youth who will be directly affected by both the 50-year agenda 2063 and the global post2015 development framework until 2030. Agenda 2063 came about in the context of the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Organisation for African Unity (OAU) and the need for the continent to take stock of achievements, successes/failures and map out a long-term vision as well as set goals and targets.

Opening speech was delivered on behalf of the Minister for Planning Mr. Mor Ngom by his Director of Cabinet Mr. Souleymane Diallo.

According to Salina Sanou, Head of Policy and Advocacy, ACORD, there has been hue and cry from African CSOs on the process of developing the current CAP. "African CSOs lobbied to no avail for the inclusion of CSO representatives within the AU Secretariat technical team to ensure the inclusion in the CAP of the aspirations and needs of the constituencies they represent," she says. It is a great need to increase the knowledge of these important processes that will have an impact in years to come.

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