Reparations for rape

"Establishing trust funds for survivors of rape is a key part of the mechanisms governments should put in place to genuinely provide them with full and fair compensation for their ordeals."
This was one of the findings which Annette Msabeni, ACORD Head of Programme Operations & Dévelopment, and Leonie Sendegeya, ACORD Kenya Programme Officer, presented at a workshop on reparations for sexual and gender-based violence in the Great Lakes region of Africa. The workshop was held in New York as a side event to the annual meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Restitution can make a huge difference to the livelihood of survivors of rape and violence against women and girls in Africa, but it is also vital in restoring their dignity and changing public attitudes. All the issues around the taboo topic of sexual and gender-based violence are neglected in the region, but restitution has been especially minimised. ACORD's workshop discussed the findings of country case studies on the national provisions that currently exist, both in theory and in practice, and advocacy options for improving them.

For more information, you can view the presentation from the workshop, or download the case studies from our webpage on challenging impunity for rape

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