CAADP, Malabo and the Kenyan counties

Agriculture is a fully devolved function operationalizing agriculture at county level.  According to Hon. Moses Osia Wanje, chair, CECs Agriculture for the 47 counties in Kenya, the counties are already formulating and implementing legislation to govern and finance the agricultural sector as well as developing strategies and setting targets.

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Wanje was speaking on the CAADP and Malabo Declaration in terms of the counties. Regarding the Malabo Declaration, the county governments have specific responsibilities regarding:

#CAADPKe •    Increasing annual public funding of agriculture;
•    Increasing African farms’ resilience to climate change and weather;
•    Reducing post-harvest loses;
•    Tripling intra-African agricultural trade;
•    Reducing stunting in children;
•    Reducing underweight children.

“The counties have been providing farm implements to farmers at subsidized prices, leading to purchases of tractors and adapting new technology for farming,” he said.

Non-state actors have been involved at the county level by providing funds, capacity building farmers and establishing and strengthening co-operative movements.

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#CAADPKe Wanje said that the counties faced some challenges since many were not familiar with the goals of the Malabo Declaration. Also, there was counter-productive legislation at the national level that threatens the gains of devolution.

“The counties are also facing a low level of resource allocation towards agriculture,” he added.

He said non-state actors could increase their engagement with counties through policy formulation and support of institution in devolved functions; increase resource mobilization to counties; increase involvement of youth and women; monitoring and evaluation; strengthen linkages between farmers, researchers, universities and non-state actors; and strengthening capacity of county assembly member and farmers’ groups.

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