Action/2015 launched in Uganda

ACORD in collaboration with other members of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Reference Group on the Post-2015 Development Agenda co-organized the launch of the action/2015 campaign in Uganda at the Open House in Kampala.

Official Launch Ceremony

The launch was officiated by Hon. Dr. Twa-Twa Mutwalante Jeremiah, the Iki-Iki County Member of Parliament from Budaka District in eastern Uganda. Dr. Twa-Twa is also an active member of the Parliamentary Forum on MDGs. In his speech, he thanked CSOs for taking this important action while emphasizing the need to link such national level undertakings to the community level as majority of the citizens are still ignorant of this subject. He echoed the need to continuously involve and engage government as we all are working towards sustainable development in Uganda and for Africa at large.

15-year-olds petition handover

During the launch, 15-year-olds represented by Jolly Nandudu read out a petition to the representative of H.E Hon Sam Kutesa (Foreign Affairs) and another for the Hon Speaker of Parliament. Some of the key issues highlighted in the petition included the need to address unemployment and inequalities hindering the attainment of quality education and life skills for boys and girls as well as putting in place response measures to address poverty.

The Public March

A march was also held in the streets of Kampala during which leading CSOs and participating skaters distributed flyers to members of the public and answered questions regarding the campaign. A major concern arising was that some members of the public did not even know what the MDGs are even though this is the last year for the MDGs, while others wondered why a new agenda is needed when the existing MDGs have not been fully achieved.

ACORD Uganda contributed 200 t-shirts that were distributed to young people, members of parliament and participants from involved CSOs. Selected messages were displayed on the assorted materials for public viewing during the march and to policy makers during the launch ceremony.

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