Vision for Africa

The power of action!

Women, men and children can succeed in rising above adversity. With ACORD, one million Africans are already marching towards social justice. Following the stories of people in Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi learn more about ACORD's vision and watch communities and groups coming together to take their lives in their own hands and bring about change in ACORD's documentary below - The Power of Action!

The power of action from ACORD on Vimeo.

ACORD's vision and mission

Founded 40 years ago, ACORD is one of the oldest and largest Pan-African organisations. We work in 17 African countries to promote social justice and lift Africans out of poverty. ACORD works with more than one million Africans and 2000 partners on the continent and worldwide.

ACORD's vision is a society in which all citizens are able to achieve their rights and fulfil their responsibilities.

ACORD's mission is to work in common cause with people who are poor and those who have been denied their rights to obtain social justice and development and be part of locally rooted citizen movements.

Our work is guided by a number of fundamental values and working principles, chief amongst these is our belief that people themselves are the primary actors in their own development. Through the power of collective action African citizens have the ability to transform their future.

ACORD 40 years - 1976-2016

Defending rights. Promoting justice.
How we work - The ACORD advantage - Where we work - ACORD's impact by the numbers - How ACORD is creating sustainable change

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