Uganda: Enhancing living conditions for Burundian and Congolese refugees

Posted: 9 November 2016

With Ä500k from @eu_echo ACORD is enhancing living conditions for 15,434 Burundian and Congolese #refugees in #Uganda

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Investing in Africa's teenage girls - making them agents of change

Posted: 11 July 2016

Today 11 July is World Population Day, and we want to appreciate ACORDís work with adolescent girls in pastoralist communities in Tanzania. #SDG5 #WPD2016 #SRH

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New report on BRICS investments in African agriculture

Posted: 28 June 2016

ACORD is launching a new report on impacts opportunities and concerns from investments in African agriculture. The research looked closer at Chinese, Brazilian and Indian investments with case studies from Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda. It looks critically at whether small holder farmers are benefiting and if the investments are aligned with agricultural strategies.

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Disinfecting water with sun rays

Posted: 27 June 2016

Story originally appeared in Uganda's Daily Monitor - Impact Journalism 2016 - describing how ACORD in Uganda trained communities in disinfecting water with sun rays, using the WADI device.

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Legal problems in daily life

Posted: 3 May 2016

Ground breaking survey by ACORD Uganda and HiiL shows that access to legal justice in Uganda is patchy and unfair; solutions are urgently needed.

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ACORD wins the 2016 Betty Plewes award

Posted: 21 April 2016

The 2016 award is given to ACORD in recognition of its stellar work in promoting and supporting human rights in Africa Ė and comes with a prize of $5000 Canadian dollars. ACORDís work with local organisations throughout the continent has resulted in more people empowered to defend their rights and improve their living conditions, especially women.

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Make Leave No One Behind a Reality

Posted: 10 March 2016

The new global goals represent an opportunity to change policymaking for the better. Civil society and grassroots organizations are essential for the successful localization of the SDGs in African countries, and they must play a greater role in defining priorities and designing policies: A video interview with Salina Sanou, ACORD's Head of Policy and Advocacy. A position paper from the African Civil Society Circle that ACORD is part of on the roles of civil society in localising the sustainable development goals.

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Beijing Platform for Action under the microscope | ACORD @ CSW59

Posted: 8 March 2016

Beijing Platform for Action under the microscope | ACORD @ CSW59

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Citizens empowered to demand better service delivery

Posted: 2 November 2015

Citizens Empowered to Demand Better Service Delivery. ACORD in Uganda is implementing a project entitled Citizen Manifesto in Action with a goal of strengthening Neighborhood Assemblies to enhance Citizensí voices and accountability especially of women and youth for improved service delivery. Communities have been mobilized into village social accountability groups known as Neighborhood Assemblies (NA), to spearhead advocacy campaigns on improved service delivery. This has resulted in significant changes like construction/repair of community structures like: boreholes, pit latrines in the markets, and have provided a platform where citizens engage with their leaders on service delivery and accountability

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Unique programme uses football for tackling violence against girls

Posted: 22 October 2015

Launch of second project site, in Kisumu town, Kenya under the unique programme for addressing violence against women and girls through football. The programme is by ACORD, British Council, Premier League and DFID

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