Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

LeoncieACORD's local Burundian partner 'Reseau Murekerisoili' is working to empower women and to offer them much needed support in case of domestic violence and rape. The organization managed to open an aid center in Kayanza, where about seven women seek treatment every month after being violated or raped. I got a chance to visit this center and to witness the important work they do in the ground. "The center has established its reputation as a non-partial aid giver and supported many women over the time of its existence since 2010", says Leoncie Mshinirinaya, the head of the women's shelter.

Local projects like this are invaluable within communities, and often have a great impact in promoting development and better livelihoods. In addition to the support the Women's center offers in occurrence of violations, it also enhances the women's role as employers and entrepreneurship by giving the women an access to livestock and farming facilities.

Blogger: Riikka LeppanenPhoto: Leoncie Mshinirinaya

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