Mama Campaign.



ACORD in partnership with  Peace and Rights Program PRP have been funded by the UN women to run a one year project  dabbed MAMA CAMPAIGN.

This is a campaign aimed at changing attitude and behavior of the Bungoma electorate towards women leadership and positively shape opinion about women aspirants with the end result of retaining the current elected women and electing more women than ever before in the history of Bungoma’s elective politics.

This project aims to help retain the 6 elected women MCAs in Bungoma county and increase the total number of elected women MCAs to 15 out of 45.

The following strategies will be employed:

Evidence Based Strategy – Drawing from the baseline lessons on how to approach the question of promoting women leadership, we will aim to build social change to appreciate women’s equal ability to be leaders just as men.

Cascading campaign to build an enabling environment-Women have in the past been victims of violence and are more likely to be turned off from voting or offering themselves for elective positions due to violence and intimidation. This strategy will have a cascading component that aims at building an all-round conducive atmosphere for both women candidates and women voter. The police and other security and law enforcement arms of government will play a crucial role. Candidates too will be required to sign a code of conduct to keep peace.

 Advocacy Approach – we will engage key opinion leaders and gatekeepers (council of elders, the clergy and other role models in the community) to build support for women leaders and beseech communities to hear women aspirants plans for them instead of focusing on trivialities and personal negative attacks

Community Engagement-is a strategy we will employ using integrated media to spread positive vibes about women aspirants. Often, women do not get the requisite time both on and off air (our baseline puts women on air time at a paltry 10-20% per day). This strategy will of necessity promote discussion, ownership and behavior change leading to accepting and voting for women aspirants

 Reinforcement strategy –Newly acquired behaviors need to be reinforced so that people do not backslide. We will employ cost effective ongoing reinforcement of positive images of both serving elected women leaders and new aspirants using digital engagement through social media and mobile phone platforms. Reforms  like kings and vagabonds and the almighty

The campaign will be executed in four phases, as follows.

1st Phase will be to use the existing baseline evidence to design the integrated communication campaign.

2nd Phase will be to develop campaign messages to be pre -tested in select sites in the county

Note that the messages will include an umbrella message and other key communication messages targeting the different segments which the campaign will seek to relay. Indeed, the messages will also be contextualized to target various audiences. We will adopt the cognitive testing method with the various target audiences to ensure it is relevant, culturally and socially appropriate and  achieve the campaign objectives

3rd Phase will be campaign roll-out.

4th Phase will be to wind up and hand over the campaign to the community through the partners that will have worked with us on this initiative.

Expected output for the campaign.

A community campaign communication plan undertaken to help improve the electorates attitudes to women leadership. A community radio brand activation strategy and empowered radio listening groups executed to profile women aspirants currently in office and new ones including the nominated women leaders intending to vie for electoral seats Market place activation, talking and moving walls used to reach out deep into the rural areas and market centres with positive messages about the added value of women leadership MAMA Campaign networked and linked to other internal and like-minded campaigns in the country, through social media for early warning and response to violence and lesson learning and sharing.

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