ACORD is a UK registered charity (283302) governed by a memorandum and articles of association in the United Kingdom. All ACORD programmes are audited on an annual basis by Crowe Clark Whitehill and our annual report and accounts are available online.

It is one of ACORD's main priorities to be transparent and openly accountable to all its stakeholders, partners, funders and most importantly the communities with whom we work, including through the publishing of external evaluation reports

A key strategic priority for ACORD over the last four years has been to strengthen transparent and sustainable governance mechanisms promoting the values of respect, integrity, diversity, commitment and excellence vis-à-vis internal and external stakeholders. ACORD recognizes that accountability, when understood from a stakeholder perspective, in terms of an open and participatory approach, is a force for social change.

In line with ACORD's wish to transform its governance to be more coherent and supportive of its identity as a Pan African organisation working for social justice, the members of ACORD agreed to implement a new governance model during the period 2008 - 2010. This model includes: an Assembly of 25 - 30 members; a Board of Trustees; a Learning Forum; a Donors' Roundtable and a Nominations Committee.

Adherence to standards

ACORD is an NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) ACORD is a voluntary signatory to IATI, which aims to make information about aid spending easier to find, use and compare.

People in Aid
ACORD is a member of People in Aid, a global network of development and humanitarian assistance agencies which promotes good practice in the management and support of aid personnel.

Charity Finance Supporter's Group (CSFG)
ACORD is a member of CSFG which promotes best practice in charity finance through helping organisations to manage their accounting, taxation, audit and other finance related functions.

Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB)
ACORD adheres to the set of standards of the FRSB, a non-profit organisation that runs the self-regulatory scheme for fundraising in the UK.

Open Forum for Development Effectiveness
ACORD participates in this unique learning space for Civil Society Organisations worldwide to engage in a globally and fully participatory process defining and introducing a framework of mutually shared development effectiveness principles.


In 2011, ACORD raised more than £9 million.

Support from founding members and government sources have remained strong with continued funding from donors such as Oxfam Novib, the European Commission, DFID, CCFD, the Belgian Government, Inter Pares, the Dutch Government and various UN agencies (see the full list of ACORD`s institutional donors).

While seeking stronger and sustainable partnerships to improve the impact of our work, ACORD is diversifying its funding sources to reach a wider audience for its advocacy work and to partner with more African donors. Promoting governance also means engaging all relevant stakeholders in Africa and in Northern countries to defend the rights of the poorest. Therefore, ACORD partners with individuals as well as corporations or foundations, both in Africa and worldwide.

In line with its shift from a project based to a programmatic approach and thematic alignment, ACORD is actively seeking to raise funds for its Pan-Africa programme on food sovereignty and for multi-country programmes on gender, peacebuilding, HIV&AIDS and livelihoods. We also encourage partners to support our institutional development, knowledge management and cross-learning for an even more effective impact of our work at the African level.

ACORD policies

ACORD strategic plan 2011-2015
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ACORD open information policy
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ACORD equal opportunities policy

ACORD child protection policy
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  ACORD vulnerable adult protection policy
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ACORD HIV & AIDS workplace policy
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ACORD anti-bribery policy
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ACORD policy on the acceptance or refusal of donations
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ACORD policy on accepting donations from the private sector
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ACORD Whistle blowing policy
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People In Aid

ACORD holds a 1st Mark of Quality as a certified committed member to the People In Aid code of good practice.
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Give with Confidence

Our Fundraising Promise

Give with confidenceACORD is compliant with the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) codes of practice.